Think of this as your LITTLE SAUCE for all things travel, style and food. If you’re sick of those bait holiday tips and need some REALNESS in ya life then I GOT U.


If you’re into heels and bodycon dresses then TURN RIGHT AROUND BB… this is more CREPS DAN COURTS. Sometimes there may be the odd heel, NGL. But it’ll always be extra flyyy.


This is also a teeny hub for teeny people who wear teeny clothes and OWN IT FULLY. Shout out my little sauces everywhere. PETITE GANG 4 LYF.


Check this out if you need some food inspo from Tottenham to Tulum and all abouttt. I will try anything once and love all things EXTRA SPICY and HELLA FRESH. Not into dairy but also kinda love cheese. Seafood is my absolute fave. Meat — you sexy AF. 


Don’t expect high-grade pics cos I’m too lazy and get bored of posing after a few mins. GET DAT SHOT IN FIRST FEW SNAPS OR FORGET IT, BASICALLY. Sometimes I forget to take pics of places/clothes/food but I’ll make up for it through the power of WORDS.


Do expect a lot of clashing colours/patterns/thoughts as I’m a mess. This does not make it unreliable…trust me…I’M GONNA BLOW YOUR FUCKIN MIND, B.

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