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Everything You Need To Do When In Tokyo

As a Hello Kitty obsessive, sushi fanatic and all-round kitsch lover, visiting Japan had always been high on my hit list and I finally got to go in October. I went during the Rugby World Cup, which meant far more loutish British chanting than expected, but still a solid 10/10 experience none the bloody less. The first thing to say about Tokyo is that it really is another world and the Japanese just do things a lot better than the rest of us. 


A Guide To Tokyo's

Best Restaurants

In October, I got to live out a lifelong fantasy of mine: going to Tokyo. And let me tell you, it was everything I imagined it to be. Cutesy Japanese voices squeaking out the speakers of every random bits & bobs store, tiny sushi bars, the wildest street style and Hello Kitty everything! I'd especially been excited about trying Japanese cuisine, from udon noodles and ramen to wagyu beef and yakitori, and OMG it did not disappoint - shocker.


A Look Back at Boomtown, Chapter 11

I started my Boomtown journey like most festivals in the past: extremely excited with a dose of the pre-fezzy nerves. What added to the nerves that Thursday morning  was finding out that Houghton, just like Boardmasters, had decided to cancel the festival due to extreme weather conditions. We couldn’t believe it. What if Boomtown was next? I immediately messaged my inside gyal Dulcie and demanded answers. 


How Boomtown is

Paving the Way For Greener Festivals 

If you’re heading to Boomtown this year then well done, you’ve made an incredible life choice. The festival, or the city as it’s known by its residents, is like no other. Every year, sorry every chapter offers a fresh storyline with thousands of new characters ready to create new tales, ones that can only be experienced to be believed. 

Top tips when visiting Marrakech, Morocco

12 things to know before visiting Marrakech

I’ve done a GORGEOUS amount of travelling and one of my all-time favourite places has to be Morocco. So, I thought I'd share some bloody knowledge about the red city of Marrakech for anyone who's thinking of going. The question is: are you ready for loads of adjectives and travel-writer-esque chat? COME OOONNNN HONNYS. Get comfy...


Top 10 best foods you need to eat in New York

Around mid-October, I was spending a lot of time working “hard” and my natural instincts were to GET THE HELL OUT! I was feeling a winter trip somewhere I could proper freeze my tits off but still be ecstatic about being there. At the time, my cousins, who grew up in Staten Island, had just come to visit for my sister’s wedding and they’d gassed up the idea of a New York trip a little bit too – BIG UPS.

YSL museum marrakec morocco, fashion blog

I Wore Dior to the YSL Museum & No One Really Cared

First opening its doors in 1947, Jardin Majorelle was designed by artist and keen botanist Jacques Majorelle. Once he collected hundreds of rare varieties of trees and plants, including cacti, palm trees, weeping willows, bamboo, white water lilies and ferns, he centred them around a long basin and along winding walkways with painted walls.

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